Mackay's Leading Battery Storage Installers

We are your Residential and Commercial Battery Storage Experts in the Mackay region.  Install a Solar Battery Storage system for your home and experience the utilisation of renewable energy generation 24/7.

Upgrading your solar system to battery storage or installing solar along with your battery can help you become independent in your energy needs, becoming less reliant on grid energy. 

How do I choose the Right Battery?

If you're wanting to do your research before contacting anyone, we recommend looking at a couple of things:

  •  budget
  • usage
  • location, and 
  • compatibility. 

However, we design and install optimal custom systems for homes or businesses with both performance and budget in mind. With collaboration on system design, we can discuss specifics to your energy consumption and budget and find the best fit for you and your property.

Make sure you are

  • ​Monitoring your energy needs: track your energy consumption to determine how big a system you require. Our experts can use your bills to help work out your requirements
  • Choosing the right battery: Choose a battery that is compatible with your solar panel system and has enough storage capacity to meet your energy needs. Consider factors such as cost, warranty, and maintenance requirements when choosing a battery.

How do we best use batteries?

Uninterrupted energy usage

A simple way to use a battery is to charge it up during the day when the sun's out and use that power at night. You need to look at your energy patterns as you may also need to use it during the day to get the best outcome for you. 

Cutting energy needs

Depending on your tariffs you may be paying more if you want to use power simultaneously. But with batteries, you can balance out your usage to reduce your grid bills. To be able to work out how to utilize the batteries best, you need to look at your equipment / tooling and other needs.

Do batteries have to be charged by solar?

Batteries can be charged up from grid power when power is cheap and then used when power is more expensive. Depending on your set up the price can be significantly different. Big power companies are also starting to use batteries to sell power when prices are higher.

Continuing to work when power is out

The impact of an unexpected power outages can be mitigated with battery storage. Batteries can let you continue to operate for sometime depending on needs.