Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Installations

TGA Electrical are the leaders in EV charging in Mackay Queensland. We have been supplying and installing electrical vehicle charging stations at homes and businesses around Mackay Queensland since they first came to Mackay. We are happy to install all Electric Vehicle brand of charger, whether you have a Tesla or any other type of electric vehicle we can help you choose the right charging solution to suit your needs. 

We are experienced with the Ergon handbook and can advise you on the best way forward to meet your needs.


Charge your vehicle at home

Charge your vehicle from the comfort of your home. We know the Ergon handbook and the impact on Regional Queensland like the back of our hand! 

Power your commercial fleet

Do you need to support your electric fleet? Be self-sufficient and charge your vehicles day or night

Super charge your station

Get the fastest chargers on the market to take your Station to the next level. 

The Electric Revolution is Now! 

Sustainability meets unmatched convenience.

Most electric vehicles are charged at home or work. We can help you pick the right charger to meet your needs. 


The TGA team are leading home and workplace EV charger installers in Mackay Queensland. Our skilled electricians supply and install EV chargers to suit a range of budgets and applications. The benefits of charging at home include:

  • Have a full battery when you wake up
  • Generally cheaper than charging at public EV charge points
  • Use the free power generated from your solar panels
  • Saves time waiting around at public charge stations
  • Your cars battery is prolonged with AC EV charging
  • Enjoy 100% charge capability rather than only 80-90% with DC rapid chargers

Our licensed electricians can ensure your garage set up is efficient and well designed to make the most of your space and electrical capability. 


We provide a complete home EV charger installation service from the initial consult to supply and fit. Our team can advise on the best EV charger for your needs and budget. An electrician will evaluate your property to assess your current electrical capabilities.

This ensures you select the correct EV charger and kilowatt rating to suit your requirements. We only supply and install EV chargers from leading brands and provide all the kit you need to charge your vehicles with ease. Each comes with workmanship warranty for your peace of mind.

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Our team will organise a site visit to plan your installation. We will need to look at your switchboard and your electrical needs to determine the best way forward.

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Our installers will set up and install your charger. We will issue an electrical safety certificate and the connection.

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We do all electric vehicles!

Tesla EV installation
Mercedes EV charging installation
BMW EV installation
Toyota EV installation
Hyundai EV installation
Volkswagen EV Installation

Why install a charger at home?

Charging at home is a super convenient way to keep your electric vehicle topped up. Households with Solar, and/or battery systems can take full advantage of energy production and storage by charging electric vehicles with solar throughout the day, or by using stored solar power through the night.

Never need to refuel at a petrol station again. Explore the range of chargers we install around the Mackay region.

What are the benefits of Electric Vehicle Charging?

  • Lower operating costs: EVs typically have lower fuel and maintenance costs compared to petrol and diesel powered vehicles.
  • Zero emissions: EVs produce no tailpipe emissions, which can improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Quieter operation: EVs are much quieter than traditional internal combustion engines, which can reduce noise pollution.
  • Increased energy security: EVs can reduce dependence on foreign oil, and they can be powered by electricity from domestic sources of energy.
  • Improved driving experience: EVs offer instant torque and smooth acceleration, and they require less maintenance.
  • Government incentives: Many countries offer purchase incentives, tax credits, and other benefits for EV buyers to encourage adoption of the technology.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charging demand is surging as more and more individuals switch to eco-friendly cars, making accessible and reliable charging infrastructure essential. The need for convenient EV charging stations is particularly important for longer journeys and those without home charging options. Businesses, governments, and others are addressing this demand by deploying EV charging stations in public spaces, parking garages, and other locations.

With the charging infrastructure expanding to meet the needs of EV owners, the demand for EV charging is projected to continue to increase, particularly as technology continues to advance, and more people make the transition to electric vehicles. Meeting the increasing demand for EV charging will also help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to a cleaner environment as the infrastructure has the ability to be powered by solar and battery technology.


Want to know more about home EV charger installations in Mackay Queensland? 

Our expert electricians are ready to help out. Call or email anytime for a free personalised quote and advice on what charger is right for you.