Electrical Safety Inspections

Do you own an old property? Are you worried about faulty wiring in your business or home?

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Get a comprehensive electrical safety inspection from the qualified experts at TGA Electrical, your local Mackay Electricians.

Responsible home and business owners understand how important it is to have a power system that is both efficient and safe. To help ensure your home or business is running at its best, TGA Electrical offers professional electrical safety checks and services to our customers in Mackay and the surrounding areas.

Our comprehensive business and home safety electrical inspections cover a variety of points with your electrical systems, including but not limited to:

  • Checking compliance with current government regulations.
  • Determining any existing electrical hazards.
  • Inspecting your switchboard, safety switches and power box.
  • Checking for DIY wiring, outdated wiring, uncovered permanent wiring and other exposed wires.
  • Testing power points, lighting and smoke alarms.
  • Evaluating electrical efficiency and distribution.

Get hold of the professional experts at TGA Electrical to find out what electrical hazards may be lurking in a new property or one you own. Our checklist will give you a comprehensive electrical changes you may need to implement to protect your family, home and business.

Why choose us for your electrical safety inspection? Experienced and professional electricians for Safety Inspection

An electrical safety test can give you peace of mind because a degraded or outdated electrical system can cause fires or worse. This can be a serious problem for any property and is something owners of older properties should be very concerned about.

It goes without saying that you will always get reliable service from the professionals at TGA Electrical. Our number on priority is always safety. We perform electrical safety checks on power outlets and points, lights and switches, smoke alarms and detectors, switchboards and electrical wiring.

The goal is to get rid of the electrical hazards and keep the systems working in perfect condition. An electrical safety inspection is vital for all types of buildings. Residential, commercial and industrial properties should all have regular inspections regarding their electrical systems. There are numerous points that can increase the need for an inspection, such as an older property or outdated electrical systems. 

Time for a Home electrical inspection?

You should consider a home electrical check if you are:

  • Buying a property
  • Selling a property
  • Renting or renting out a property
  • Unsure whether your electrical system has been checked for some time
  • Worried that your home electrical system is out-of-date

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When you contact us for an electrical safety inspection, we will find a time and day that works best with your schedule. 

Safety Check

Our licensed electrician will conduct a walk-through of your home or business. You can bring up any concerns and ask any questions you may have.


Our electricians will discuss what they have found and recommend solutions that fit your budget for replacement, upgrades or repairs.

Commercial and residential electrical safety services

An electrical inspection is something that many property owners overlook when it comes to annual maintenance, whether in a commercial or residential setting. But it is a simple fact that electrical fires or direct electrocution are responsible for multiple deaths every year.

While death and injury are the extreme consequences of a faulty electrical system, you’ll also lose a lot of money in wasted power. A high-quality electrical safety test and check from TGA Electricians will ensure that everything about your electrical supply operates at full capacity and is completely safe.

It is good practice to have an electrical safety check or home safety inspection on your Mackay property every 2-3 years. Among the specialised equipment we use are thermal instruments that allow us to quickly investigate your outlets and wiring without majorly disrupting your daily activities.

An electrical inspection is an excellent way to effectively diagnose any electrical failures and pinpoint areas of your property that need attention. It takes less than a day to conduct one. So, if you’re looking for the best electricians Sydney has to offer, contact us today to book your electrical home safety inspection!