Installing Extraction Fan and Ceiling Fans - Bathroom and Kitchen

At TGA Electrical Mackay, we specialise in installing extraction fans for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms across Mackay. Let us help you to keep your home or workplace well ventilated with our high-quality installations from our qualified and experienced team.

Our licenced electricians can install indoor and outdoor ceiling fans and kitchen and bathroom exhausts in Mackay, Seaforth, Rural View, Shoal Point, South Mackay, North Mackay, Mount Pleasant, Eimeo, Sarina, Walkerston and West Mackay and everywhere in between.



Installation of wall and ceiling-mounted exhaust fans will help vent moisture, smoke and steam out of your house through an air duct, expelling it into the air outside or sometimes your roof cavity. They’re most beneficial in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry, where moisture is most common. Ceiling exhaust fans prevent any mould or mildew build up. In the case of kitchen exhaust fans, they also remove any unwanted cooking odours.

Bathroom exhaust fans can be installed as heat lamp options also, while skylight exhaust fans, wall-mounted exhaust fans and rangehoods all fall under the exhaust fan banner.

  • Ensure the capacity of airflow and room size is enough for your fan
  • Install and mount your fan into the ceiling, ensuring that air is being expelled
  • Duct your fan outside or exhausted into the roof cavity, as you choose

Benefits of Extractor Fans for Your Home or Office

Getting extractor fans is a good idea for any property because positioned exhaust fans will:

  • Prevent the formation of musty odours
  • Keep indoor air quality cleaner and fresher
  • Extract smoke and smells from the room

Speak to our team today to discuss your needs and how we can help you.

Our Exhaust Fans Service

We work quickly and efficiently to install high-quality exhaust fans to the right location in your kitchen or bathrooms. You can rely on our skilled and experienced team to provide a comprehensive service that makes the entire process easy and hassle-free. 



At TGA Electrical Mackay, we provide a comprehensive ceiling fan installation service and ceiling fan maintenance from skilled and experienced team. Contact us to find out about our quick, efficient and professional solution that includes our expert advice and guidance.

Ceiling Fans are a cost effective way to keep rooms cooler in the summer without having to run an air-conditioner all day.  TGA Electrical can install indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. Our electricians will ensure you get the perfect fan for your home or business. 

We can supply standard options or install your bespoke / designer fans. We can install a brand new fan or upgrade an existing set up. The cost depends on the size of the fan and the electrical infrastructure available. 

What type of Ceiling Fan?

Choosing the right ceiling fan for you can be daunting:

  • polymer blades:  Some ceiling fans utilise plastic blades that can be moulded into any shape at will and still maintain great performance because they're lightweight with low motor capacity needs!
  • timber blades: timber is one of the most common blade materials due to its long life span. Timber blades also produce minimal noise as they move through the air, so are often the most common choice for bedrooms. Their almost silent operation, however, is offset by a reduction in airflow. 
  • plastic infused blades:  To compensate for poor airflow, a lot of manufacturers now infuse timber blades with plastic, having the effect of improved airflow without compromising the quiet operation. The infusion with plastic has the added advantage of helping to prevent the timber warping or being adversely affected by moisture in the air.
  • metal blades:  metal blade ceiling fans are among the most durable. They cut through air with little resistance, providing strong airflow that can make a room evacuation for dust and other particles easier in larger areas where you may have higher than normal heights. We don't recommend metal blades for coastal locations.