Security Camera and CCTV Installation

Do you want peace of mind knowing your business or home is protected? 

Do you live in a high-crime neighbourhood? Have you been robbed? 

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Burglars and vandals will target any property that they consider vulnerable, whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial property. This is just one of the reasons why it is important to stay proactive when keeping your property secure. And an excellent way to do that is Security Camera / CCTV installation in your Mackay home or business.

Cameras are a highly effective and affordable tool in the fight against theft, vandalism and fraudulent liability claims that can cost your business thousands of dollars.

A CCTV system from TGA Electrical can deter thieves and vandals, identify suspects, provide documentary evidence to counter fraudulent liability claims and generally offer protection to your business, your employees and your innocent customers.

 Why choose us for your CCTV camera installations and repairs?

TGA Electrical offers professional CCTV installation services in Mackay by our licensed electricians. We are qualified to install every brand of CCTV system in residential, commercial and industrial properties, thanks to our team of passionate electrician experts.

Can I supply the system?

Our team of qualified electricians can install a system you supply or we can source the best product to meet your needs. Your requirements will determine the best solution to meet your needs.